Stacey Olszewski

Stacey is one of our Pharmacy Technicians. She has been with Greytown Pharmacy for 17 years, having children in the midst. Her main focus is on medico blister packaging for over 50 customers, as well as floating between the dispensary and customer service. Stacey’s biggest professional accomplishment is the relationship she has fostered with her medico customers. She has built relationships with them that have made them feel comfortable in talking to her about their medication or if anything else is worrying them. They know her well enough to ask for her personally. Her core value of empathy allows her to build these successful relationships and let customers put their guard down and accept her help.  

Stacey’s favourite things to do outside of work are holidaying at the beach with her family and socialising with her work mates.  Stacey believes that the fantastic work environment at Greytown Pharmacy allows the staff to work well together and pitch in to help if someone needs it. The customers make the pharmacy what it is, and Stacey loves when they just come in for chats or to tell them a joke.

Tracey Devenish

Tracey is one of our Pharmacy Technicians. She has been with the team since early 2019. Tracey works with the dispensary team to fill prescriptions, answer phone calls and make sure that everything is up to date by the end of the day. Tracey studied as an adult student to complete her NZQA National Certificate, Level Five, Pharmacy Technician, which was a massive achievement!

Tracey believes that dedication, hard work and enjoying her workplace are her core values that allow her to fulfill her job to the best ability. She is honest and willing to “muck-in” and do any job. This means she is flexible and able to fit into any situation. She prides herself in always lending a listening ear to customers and colleagues when they are in need.  Tracey’s favourite things to do outside of work is to spend time with her family, especially her two amazing grandsons. She loves the outdoors, going to the beach and burning energy with her new puppy. She loves to just relax and enjoy the life she has with the people she loves.  Tracey has been working in pharmacies for over 28 years and loves the team dynamic that Greytown Pharmacy offers – they are all a part of a very special team. 

Michelle Allen

Michelle is the owner of Greytown Pharmacy and is a qualified and accredited Pharmacist. She has owned the pharmacy for nearly 30 years. Michelle oversees all the dispensing processes and communicates with other medical professionals as necessary. She manages her fantastic staff in both the dispensary and the retail departments. Michelle also is responsible for the administration work associated with running a pharmacy. Her professional accomplishments surround owning her own business and creating a work environment that has the customers best interest at heart as well as a professional, fun and nurturing environment for her staff. Michelle values people as individuals and therefore prides herself in not just treating them as numbers. She prides herself as always being curious about people and what is going on with them. Michelle has an appreciation of how communities work to achieve the best possible outcome for all. She believes that having a positive and supportive workplace allows staff to actually want to be there and therefore fosters these values of empathy and nurturing in themselves.

Michelle’s favourite things to do outside of work are being with her family and friends and going on road trips. She loves to take her dog for walks and have cuddles with the cat. Michelle enjoys listening to music and getting the chance to just have a dance. Michelle is thankful that her hard work has paid off and given her such a great community to work with. She has a total appreciation for her team for having such a great work ethic and having such a fun time together. 

Leanne Percy

Leanne, known as Pickle by most, is the Retail Assistant at Greytown Pharmacy. She has been with us for over 20 years between having her two children. Her role involves serving, ordering, helping customers and giving them advice. She also specialises in making excellent coffee for the rest of the team! Pickle’s role has allowed her to gain confidence in herself and deal efficiently with the community and resolve problems for our customers. Her core value of kindness allows her to do this as she lives through the motto of treating people how she would like to be treated.  Pickle’s favourite thing to do outside of work is to spending time with her husband and two children. She loves to follow them in their sports and spend time with family and friends in the beautiful Wairarapa. 

Robyn Tate

Robyn is the Retail Manager for Greytown Pharmacy. She has been with us since 2006 and in the pharmacy work force for over 27 years. Robyn is responsible for customer service and the ordering and organisation of all retail stock. Robyn is proud of the computer skills and product knowledge that she has learnt as it has given her the confidence to help guide her customers. Her core values of honesty and reliability have allowed her to be a hard worker that works consistently to get things done.  Robyn’s favourite things to do outside of work are to spend time in her garden and to look after her many chickens and two cats. Robyn loves the fun environment that Greytown Pharmacy is. She appreciates the support and care that the girls give each other and the community.  

Greytown Pharmacy Shop

Here at Greytown Pharmacy, we help to enhance the quality of life of the people within our local community. The team at Greytown Pharmacy offer you experienced service with a proffesional approach to your healthcare, encouraging you towards positive changes for better health and wellbeing.